EVGA Z20 RGB Optical Mechanical (Clicky Switch) Gaming Keyboard 812-W1-20US-RX

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EVGA 812-W1-20US-RX  Z20 RGB Optical Mechanical (Clicky Switch) Gaming Keyboard 812-W1-20US-RX

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The Z20 keyboard delivers comfort and convenience with a proximity range ToF sensor and a premium Magnetic Approach Palm Rest. Powered by a 32-bit Arm Cortex-M33 core USB microprocessor, the Z20 offers the most advanced gaming keyboard experience, with a 4000Hz report rate. Customize the Z20 to fit your style with textured, double-shot shine through WASD, and Macro keys, alongside a left and right edge RGB bar. The Z20 features per-key RGB LEDs and can be configured through EVGA UNLEASH. LK Light Strike Optical Mechanical switches make the Z20,25% faster than traditional mechanical switches. The Z20 offers speed, comfort, and premium quality features in a keyboard that has something for everyone.

TOF Proximity Range Sensor

Per key RGB Lighting

32-bit Arm Cortex-M33 core USB microprocessor supporting 4,000Hz report rate

Dedicated Macro keys, Volume Scroll Wheel, and Multimedia Keys

Premium Magnetic Palm rest

Optical Mechanical Switches Clicky

USB 2.0 and Audio Passthrough

Left and Right Side RGB Light Bar

4D Bump Keycaps for WASD and Macro Keys

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We think EVGA has successfully re-entered the gaming keyboard market. The Z20 combines very good build quality with a wide range of features and good practical performance. For us, it is one of the best gaming keyboards in the (upper) mid-range and sometimes offers more than more expensive or equal representatives. If you have the budget and the features appeal to you, you can buy this without hesitation.


Overall, [...] I think the keyboard is a must if you guys are trying to upgrade.
Tech PowerUp


Tech PowerUp
(The ToF sensor) has worked well for me and, combined with the EVGA Unleash software experience, allows for pretty nifty quality of life improvements. The EVGA-only touches here, especially with the innovative TOF feature, make the Z20 a fairly big deal for the company regardless and worth consideration.


I’ve been using the EVGA Z20 for the past week and I have to say I do really like it.


The keyboard definitely does feel more responsive than the current USB models, overall EVGA has done a great job here in terms of product quality.


So for a company that has a reputation for focusing on Graphics cards, this keyboard was a pleasant surprise. The keyboard has a solid frame and performs just as you would expect, for something from EVGA. The Optical switches are something I personally like. If you are wanting the most the most accurate switch you can find this is the switch you want.

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